Date Token# City Gave/Recieved Name Story Sponsor Track
2013-09-136917Southend on seaI gave a tokenChris GostlingShopping in my local store I had the same problem that I had on previous occasions when my card had not been validated. Instead of brushing it off as before Sue, the checkout lady, took the time to not only talk me through a solution but also ensure that I got all my entitlements as well. She was so friendly and helpful, it put a smile on my face no a spring in my step as I left the store, thank you!!!! 
2009-10-264110TamaracI gave a tokenCarolyn Grady 
2010-08-125477Boca RatonI gave a tokenDoshin 
2012-01-128715West Palm BeachI gave a tokenJohn NollReceived tolen from Gratitude Training staff  
2017-06-2719823FreeholdI gave a tokenKevin B. HenryI'm giving this token to the owner of the company I work for (Food and Beverage Associates USA). Mr. Ferrara gave me a chance and hired me at when a time when things seemed impossible. For that I am forever grateful! 
2008-07-161147New YorkI recived a tokenLorraineBev for 31 years you have allowed me to share some of the most important times of our lives...for those I have missed..for those yet to share..thank you for giving of yourself without reservation...i love you forever 
2013-05-1610504AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2010-11-115963Boynton BeachI gave a tokenMara FrederiksenI received a token from my mother who had given it to me right after I had finished Gratitude part 1 training. I cannot be more grateful that I was given this opportunity and introduced to this experience by her. 
2015-12-226919West Palm BeachI gave a tokenJean KropidI received this token from Maria Meehan, who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa and purchased this token there to begin its journey. 
2011-02-187748West Palm BeachI recived a tokenIra D. Karmelin 
2017-12-0120195CharlotteI gave a tokenKaty JReceived from Holly Berube, Catalyst for Change Course 
2008-12-252180jacksonvilleI gave a tokenMichelle ZammataroMy sister gave me this coin on Christmas day 2008 for having our family all together and making a difference in her day. 
2011-11-287866JacksonvilleI recived a tokenGoodwill NFL 
2009-08-184417Boynton BeachI gave a tokenJosue MoralesI helped a nice lady out by giving her a crazy discount, and a nice smile. she said i was warm and freindly 
2009-06-114707Brisbane I gave a tokenColman Ridge Founded Greenfest Australia\\\'s largest free green festival with the message that creativity from arts to industry in the way to a cooler planet.  
2009-06-032121San AntonioI recived a tokenFernandez FamilyThanks so much for this school year 
2008-07-081752Lake WorthI gave a tokenChristineJust received my VIP tokens, its time to spread the love!! 
2015-08-0716385RALEIGHI gave a tokenCynthia wade 
2008-12-092468Las VegasI gave a tokenJoLynn ScottI am the Master of Ceremonies at the Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas. Someone gave me this token during one of the tournaments. I love my job and all of the people I get to meet in the process. It's such a positive group and i feel truly blessed to get to come to work everyday! To get this token was such a nice surprise. Now the fun pass it on!  
2011-08-255055Palm CityI gave a tokenVan StuckAfter sharing my experience with the power of intention with my 12 step group a member gave me this coin in appreciation for the insights he achieved. 
2009-01-253327FrederickI gave a tokenSandi Lee 
2017-02-1314188ParklandI gave a tokenAlan KanterAs a Love Source, my mission is to inspire, assist and uplift those who I become connected with. I possess a great deal of attractiveness to them and likewise they to me. Recently Isabella Nickkero sent me a friend request. Isabella is refreshing and beautiful woman with chocolate brown eyes and unmistakable sweetness. I was reluctant at first to accept her friend request but after a bit of messaging, I found her interest sincere. I like people of all ages and have several friends or acquaintances much younger than me. Isabella is much younger than me but our communication suggested that age was of no consequence. We got to chat on Facebook for quite awhile this weekend right before Valentines Day. Our chat was very connected and we agreed to celebrate Valentines Day together. I am grateful to know Isabella and embrace her positive energy. I want to thank her for choosing me for whatever her reasons were. She has brought Joy, Love, Connection and friendship to me at just the right moment. I am pleased to be able to gift this Token of Appreciation to her and look forward to whatever adventure lies ahead. 
2008-09-092207ParklandI recived a tokenAndrew RaderI met Jo at Summit Education, and we as a team purchased approximately 28 tokens to benefit this amazing project. 
2009-06-032124San AntonioI recived a tokenFernandez FamilyThanks so much for this school year. 
2012-07-279068SanfordI gave a tokenCharlee McPhersonPurchased this token from part 1 Gratitude training July 19 - 22, 2012 in West Palm Beach, Fl 
2010-01-035727MiamiI gave a tokenScott SassinI was given this token at the Empower Polusa, New Years Celebration at the Hostel by the Everglades 
2010-09-073418CambridgeI recived a tokenMichael MeredithI attended the "Peace through the Arts" [PTA] Camp in Dorset August 2010. Gave the token to JB for teaching me a wonderfully energising and inspiring Celtic circle dance he had written, called "Fire in the Heart of Heroes". He also kindly lent me his meditation stool for the week - thanks James! - much appreciated! I can be contacted at Mike 
2017-12-1120361KaneoheI gave a tokenGina TomasettiML21!! 
2010-07-135779RomeI recived a tokenassiaI am giving a token to my friend agnese: she came to London to accompany me from the 18th km of the 2010 Virgin london Marathon to the end (42km 195mt!!). Without her precious help I wouldn't have made it as well as I did. She gave me courage and strength and I will never forget it. THANK YOU!!! 
2012-07-238386Delray BeachI gave a tokencorinMy friend's son Alex gave me token of appreciation for introducing him to people for work that led to gratitude seminar 
2008-12-212984balboa islandI recived a tokenalisa fouse 
2012-07-276785MiamiI gave a tokenDuane LoweI found this token ,and let's say ,it made me smile ,I'm an awesome dude ,I give ,I help ,I listen ,and I felt unappreciated ,it's the small things that get me,I'm gonna keep this dear to me my new found charm 
2013-05-1612257AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2011-06-017947boca raton I recived a tokenjessica traviesothis token went to Liz, she gave herself to the world and made a difference for 90 days. 
2013-08-186462LovelandI gave a tokenSampsonWas given token by my neighbor camped at arise music festival in loveland colorado 
2010-11-226518lake worthI gave a tokenp etraded to troy for my frisbee 
2016-08-1517234San DiegoI gave a tokenKathy CoalterI was in the North Carolina airport and a young girl needed six pennies. I gave them to her and in return she gave me this time! 
2015-08-1614229Delray BeachI gave a tokenRich & Leslie CarterWe are both graduates of Gratitude Training's ML10! We have been in Lourdes, France for 2 weeks on a service trip. We caregiving our token to Benji, whose family owns and operates the Grand Hotel D'Espagne and the Brasserie Bodegon in Lourdes. We really appreciate their hospitality and for making us feel at home here in this very special part of France. 
2012-11-216192lake worthI gave a tokenlogani recieved 
2009-02-073089melissaI gave a tokenkarrie brasherI was given a set of tokens to give to people when I see them do something extra ordinary! 
2011-10-126678Albuquerque I gave a tokenRanee Tafoya My token was given to me by Celestina Garcia a very out going young lady. Thank you Celestina I appreciate you! 
2015-01-2810996AventuraI gave a tokenTauocaros 
2015-03-1913584Pompano BeachI gave a tokenKaren KooninWade, Lauren and myself went to a trade-show for work in Las Vegas. Sure enough I came up with the great idea to jump off the Stratosphere building - That thought change really quick when I was there to face it. Normally I would have backed out of it and then regret my desicion. Thanks to Wade's patience and encouragement I was able to trust the process and mostly myself. I am so grateful that I did jump. It opened a lot of doors of trust for me. It will be an experience I will always have to cherish and share with those who I love. Lauren's and Wade's company was the bonus part, I got to know them in a different way. Grateful :) 
2010-08-156574ManalapanI recived a tokenJo EnglessonThis token was handed out to a student of the first Gratitude Training GT 1 - Part 1 on August 15th, 2010. 
2015-04-0910244AustinI gave a tokenMayhemWas given a token at Flow Fest, want to see where it goes! 
2009-06-203555delray beachI recived a tokenshereetoday i was in south beach miami and i met some fellow yoga fan and we had a great covo and i want to thank you Bobby for being open and sweet. have a great time in miami. 
2016-09-3017516CorneliusI gave a tokenkarin sawhillI gave this token to Jade Reese, in appreciation for her leadership and team spirit! 
2008-08-282970San PedroI gave a tokenCathrynJo shared this with me among beautiful friends at McGrath state beach camp out. Thanks Jo! This project is wonderful!! 
0000-00-001801Forth LauderdaleI recived a tokenWalterHere we are one day from the BIG EVENT!!!!! GO T. O. F. A. !!! 
2012-08-195245KODAIKANALI gave a tokenDixeena PrinceThanks Chris for your friendship. I hope my years of teaching at Shoeburyness have made a difference to pupils' lives. As i return to India I shall help to continue this chain of friendship and gratitude that can bring a smile to many lives. 

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