Date Token# City Gave/Recieved Name Story Sponsor Track
2015-06-2913286Pompano BeachI gave a tokenKristin J Currier LudlowThis was given to me and my husband Matt by Cherrie St. Germaine for being of support to the GTP. 
2009-01-103217Haltom CityI recived a tokenDuane Perrott 
2014-02-099924MiamiI gave a tokenPatty 
2012-10-067054Boca RatonI gave a tokenBen SteinI am a teacher and this token was given to me by a student named Sandra Denker who I wrote a lovely letter of recommendation which she deserved to get into Bach middle school. 
2009-10-264107TamaracI gave a tokenCarolyn Grady 
2009-09-084446VenturaI gave a tokenLeslie John OrmRecieved token from Jo at SS2 in LA over Memorial day weekend... 
2009-07-012960San PedroI gave a tokenAnthony LuceMy Spanish teacher gave this to me because i made her realize that she was a great teache rand she changed my life forever 
2009-12-162064BahamasI gave a tokenJennifer AndrewsI recieved this cool token from Danielle Pepper and want to keep this token moving. 
2008-08-301419Las VegasI recived a tokenHarry MaldonadoMikayla, Thank You for making a difference in my day. I appreciate the good friend that you are and the time you provided during work to lift me out of a really depressing day...Your dead pan attempt of a bad joke about hitting your head on the car door and your infectious laugh really made my day. I asked for a joke, but you gave me a wonderful memory.  
2014-09-038220Black Rock City, NVI gave a tokenMitchellI was given this token at Burning Man 2012 after a small favor I gave to a random stranger. I forgot about it until today. 
2014-03-1512146St. PaulI gave a tokenBrett BensonI called my 17-year-old daughter yesterday afternoon, expecting her to be at home on a day off from school. Instead she said, with a tiny hesitation, "I'm at a tattoo shop, supporting my [18-year-old] friend D-- because she's getting a tattoo." A few hours later, in our kitchen, my daughter shared how she had blessed her friend by being a witness when D--'s mother was not willing to serve that role. In listening to my daughter share her impressions, I was reminded what an old soul she has. I shared this token with her to express my gratitude to her for showing me what it means to show up for others with your heart fully open. 
2008-08-071500MinneapolisI gave a tokenPeter MathisenI received this token from Jo Englesson. We were on a trip to Nigeria and Ghana together and I sent her a few CDs that contained all of my photos from the trip. Little did I know that she had her camera stolen from her and all her own pictures were lost to the universe. She was very happy to have a bunch of photos from our trip and I was very happy that I made a difference in her day. 
2015-01-0810983Boynton BeachI gave a tokenLauren WilsonI am 26 years old and originally from New Jersey, USA. I have enrolled in a "Gratitude Training" course and received this token. I am at an interesting point in my life and am learning so much about myself and the world. I'm eager and willing to discover new things each day and am also trying to learn a little more about myself and my place in the world. I'm glad to have registered this token. This may be the first thing I've ever "started" on my own haha! I'm curious to see where it goes. :-) 
2011-03-046259Long BeachI gave a tokenTraci DurfeeI was given my token from a very dear friend who had put together a beautiful event featuring artists and music. The event was a fundraiser for PFLAG. All the participating artists received a token from her....all of it in spirit of being mindful of how great things happen only with the individual gifts of many being shared collectively. 
2008-08-222556las VegasI gave a token 
2010-10-116195Lake WorthI gave a tokenAshley Knieriemen 
2013-05-1610149AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2013-05-1810524IgnacioI gave a tokenDella RomeroCoin rec'd from Cele of CLF in service to transformation one soul, one heart, at a time. 
2010-01-145808Miami BeachI recived a tokenGeoffrey BarisPurchased token to give to people I'm grateful to. 
2017-02-2214775Palm BayI gave a tokensherryCame across it after many years. Don't remember who I received it from. Time ti pay it forward once again. 
2012-01-218548Ft. LauderdaleI gave a tokenKeith O'Brien 
2011-03-207061coral springsI gave a tokenaleeyai received this token in the middle of a fair. i donated a dollar to help japan. 
2015-12-2513508DenverI gave a tokenRobin Wisniewskimy friend wrote a gratitude dissertation that was exceptional. i was supportive. 
2009-06-042534SunriverI gave a tokenJohn Lysaker 
2014-04-0612911long beachI gave a tokenSheenaMy sweet adorable husband gave me this token on a date night because he loves me and I am his rock. PS- I love him too. 
2009-08-184417Boynton BeachI gave a tokenJosue MoralesI helped a nice lady out by giving her a crazy discount, and a nice smile. she said i was warm and freindly 
2013-01-179618Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2009-06-253434Boca RatonI recived a tokenMagrit Billeter 
2010-11-115963Boynton BeachI gave a tokenMara FrederiksenI received a token from my mother who had given it to me right after I had finished Gratitude part 1 training. I cannot be more grateful that I was given this opportunity and introduced to this experience by her. 
2009-02-061744WellingtonI gave a tokenCaitlinI got it from my pitching coach because I play softball. 
2009-12-304216Boynton BeachI gave a tokenJamieMy dear friend Carolyn thinks that I get to go!!! I am a free, passionate, authentic, beautiful woman! 
2011-05-207946KerhonksonI recived a token 
2010-08-156548ManalapanI recived a tokenJo EnglessonThis token was handed out to a student of the first Gratitude Training GT 1 - Part 1 on August 15th, 2010. 
2010-06-165497Port Saint LucieI gave a tokenTom HaworthJo gave me this token in gratitude for sponsering the Gratitude Ferstival 2010 in Lake Worth FL. I Live B.I.G., at Thanks JO 
2008-08-261331TaipeiI gave a tokenPoshIt was my honor to receive the token from the most venerable trainer, Kathy Benson, in TR27. She taught me what is courage, love , giving and trust. I love her so much. 
2008-06-261941Lake WorthI gave a tokenChristineRecieved tokens on Day 1 of TOFA. 
2013-05-289492Deerfield BeachI gave a tokenTerri McBride 
2013-03-246922Lake worthI gave a tokenJeanneJahda is a inspiring loving compassionate young women. I am lucky to know her 
2010-11-235996west palm beachI gave a tokenPatricia R.i received this token from my college coach letting me know I make a difference 
2017-05-0819736Boca RatonI gave a tokenReneeThis token was given to me by a very special child in my preschool class. Sixten is our party starter and our guru on Colorado, Lasagna, Paw Patrol, teeth Trolls, and all things awesome! I love him and his family and I am truly grateful to know them. Thank you, Sixten! 
2009-04-093724Boca RatonI gave a tokenSamI bought a friend of mine at work lunch because he had no money to eat. 
2008-07-241487Saint Lucie WestI gave a tokenJOE SI had the pleasure of meeting Jo, at alive broadcast of local channel 5 news at Traditions in Poer Saint Lucie, she explained her reason for being there! to make the world a freindly place by giving away a token ,which you register, and then give to someone who made a diffrence in your life...or day, I wish her all the best in her ventures, and keep making and speading the joy you feel in your heart!! 
2015-08-3014222Saint AugustineI gave a tokenNancy ThelenGiven to me by Arian and Jo 
2009-01-243292Delray BeachI gave a tokenCarl HarmonI was given this coin by a very nice lady several days ago 
2013-05-1610501AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2012-06-106497LantanaI gave a tokenSamantha WilliamsThis token was given to me by a person that helped change my life. Her name was Arian and I will always remember and love her. 
2011-11-237853JacksonvilleI recived a tokenGoodwill 
2008-07-161136Ft LauderdaleI gave a tokenMatthew RappaportThis token was given to me by a close friend of mine names Raine. We have been through alot together and i love her very much. 
2010-05-105747Boca RatonI gave a tokenBrett 
2009-06-191756Lake WorthI recived a tokenChristineAudrey is a friend of mine from high school. After school we both went our seperate ways, but a bout 3 years ago we reconnected. Ironically she now lives one hour away from me here in Florida (we are both from New Mexico). I am extremely grateful for her friendship from our past but mostly for the freiendship we are creating now. She really allows me to get away and just be me. What more could a friend ask for, Oh, yeah I could ask for the love that her son shares with me. What an amazing ray of sunshine he is. Thanks Audrey for sharing him with me and for being you!  

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