Date Token# City Gave/Recieved Name Story Sponsor Track
2010-07-315528naplesI recived a tokendoris reynolds 
2012-11-125895DavieI gave a tokenPam PelkeyWe met Roni, the person that gave me the token. She was my moms OT for months while she fought cancer. Roni was such an inspiration to all of our family and one day gave me this token. I put it away and waited for the right time to pass it on. I am now ready to do that. 
2008-12-082190LauderhillI gave a tokenCarl WeaksI receivced the token from one of my trainers at the FL 157 Advanced Training in Lauderhill, FL  
2013-11-182150Las VegasI gave a tokenChristi McAdamsI found this token in my purse and have no idea how it got there. Ironically, it was my last day of a 10 day trip to help a family member get through a crisis. 
2009-01-103081Haltom CityI recived a tokenDuane Perrott 
2017-10-2520366Ft. LauderdaleI gave a tokenChristine SneadI attended gratitude and gave mine to a close friend who had a impact on my life. 
2016-08-1312503Culver CityI gave a tokenJerry PachecoGiven to me at a restaurant by a gentlemen with a great smile and awesome energy.... 
2010-06-075502manitowocI recived a tokenashley vervaetI never knew how meeting a person by chance could positively change your thinking. Well, this happend to me. Meeting this person, change how I saw myself. The world would be a more pleasent and happier place if, there were more people around like him.  
2010-05-105749Boca RatonI gave a tokenBrett 
2008-06-291076Ft LauderdaleI recived a tokenFrancine RaheNicolas, keep giving your heart away. Tom is so blessed to have you as his father. Congratulations! Much love, Francine 
2013-05-1610138AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2010-09-126550Lake WorthI gave a tokenCarol; 
2016-06-247667Fort LauderdaleI gave a tokenKevin TacherA family reunion is an occasion when many members of an extended family congregate. Sometimes reunions are held regularly, for example on the same date of every year. A typical family reunion will assemble grandparents, great-grandparents and up for a meal, some recreation and discussion. 
2017-03-0817797ConcordI gave a tokenHaley RuffI received this token at Gratitude Training 
2016-09-2717648MooresvilleI gave a tokenRenee Jones 
2008-10-242136San AntonioI gave a tokenRay BlanchardJO Englesson gave me this token at THE ANSWER Super Seminar in Long Beach, Oct 3, 2008. She stopped the seminar and presented it to me with lots of love and tears in her eyes . I cried too, being so thankful for a friend and someone who loves the world and is making such a difference. Please support TOFA and connect with your brothers and sisters around the world and let them know you get it. Also get and see the movie, THE ANSWER, and tell others to do the same. And help us bring transformation to every household in the world in our lifetime. 
2008-07-031999DentonI recived a tokenJo EnglessonGiving Year Day 7: Gave a token to an employee Kathryn at Starbucks for being in service to people and for having a great attitude. I truely appreciate the friendliness as I am travelling accross the country. Thank you! - Jo 
2013-02-218917West HollywoodI gave a tokenAlan KendallI received this token from Kareem. I met Kareem under some interesting circumstances. It was one of those moments that the Universe truly intervened. I was given the token a couple of months ago and told to "track" the coin on Valentines Day. I tucked the coin in a very special spot for safe keeping. The 2 months to follow were so exciting and filled with joy that I nearly forgot about this special coin, but here I am. Life has "happened" in these past two months and I am not sure if I would still have been the receiver of this coin if he held on to it until today. So for that reason I will share this coin and its story with someone that I care deeply about and due to "life" they might not know that I still remember them or our time together. 
2009-02-143053HoustonI gave a tokenAndrea BlackReceived this from a friend in Halcom City, Texas. Thank you Duane for also making a difference in my day.  
2009-06-042124san antonioI recived a tokenfernandez familyThanks for this school year 
2013-05-1810523IgnacioI gave a tokenDella RomeroCoin rec'd from Cele of CLF in service to transformation one heart, one soul at a time! 
2008-07-141283Las VegasI recived a tokenJo EnglessonThe Giving Year Day 18 - Gave a token to a Starbucks employee for being so brilliant and picking up my two dropped dollar bills with a Vacuum cleaner through the Drive Through window! Thank you for making a difference in my day! 
2017-01-0517204HollywoodI gave a tokenBrett Olson 
2015-08-3010395Saint AugustineI gave a tokenNancy ThelenGiven to me by Arian and Jo 
2013-08-0910530West Palm BeachI gave a tokenVilguins LouissaintI received this Token on August 6th, 2013 at Holiday inn Airport WPB. It was after my GT14 part2. now it's time for me to start making a difference. 
2013-07-0410198West Palm BeachI gave a tokenKatie GalanesI give this token to my godparents, Reina and Kingmun. Thank you for always loving and supporting me. 
2016-07-1215775MinneapolisI gave a tokenMichael Hermansen 
2008-07-081749Lake WorthI gave a tokenChristineJust received my VIP tokens, its time to spread the love!! 
2010-08-156566ManalapanI recived a tokenJo EnglessonThis token was handed out to a student of the first Gratitude Training GT 1 - Part 1 on August 15th, 2010. 
2015-04-1813320ShepherdstownI gave a tokenKatie 
2009-01-103083Haltom CityI recived a tokenDuane Perrott 
2010-09-134981Fort LauderdaleI recived a tokenNick RothI have completed some transformational work in Florida at Summit Education, which is how I know Jo. I supported Jo's first Gratitude Training, where I bought this token to share. 
2008-09-291470Los AngelesI gave a tokenLevi Henry Greenberg-CreelI am 100 days old, and today I was blessed and welcomed into my mommy's church community in downtown Los Angeles. This is the first time I met Josephine, and she's the one who gave me the token. Josephine is a very good friend of my mummy. (that's right, I have a mommy and a mummy) 
2009-04-203581HollywoodI gave a token 
2009-04-073723Deerfield I gave a tokenNikki YoungI just completed the basic Summit Education Workshop. This is where I learned about how the world works, EVENTS, No Accidents, no more BS....its hard to explain but if SUMMIT comes your way.....GO FOR IT!!! 
2015-03-1112503Long BeachI gave a tokenGaneshI captained an LP and gave this to one of my Seniors. 
2008-10-092154West Palm BeachI gave a tokenLorraineI was given a token today, my birthday, by Jo Englesson. Jo, my life is richer for knowing you.  
2011-02-046034HollywoodI gave a tokenJoy RiosI was given this token of appreciation by Jo Engleson around Christmas-time. I received it in the mail, inside a lovely holiday card, and I remember it really making my day. It's taken me about a month to decide who I want to pass it on to, and now I've got a list of about 10 people that I'd like to express that they've made a difference in my life. However, I'll start with just one.  
2008-10-072208Miami BeachI gave a tokenGrace A. Fischer 
2017-09-2118721MiamiI gave a tokenRachelI gave my token to an angel named Terry. Without knowing me, bent over backwards to help me in what felt like a dire situation. She truly saved the day through her trust, love and giving. I am forever grateful to her. 
2010-01-205592StockholmI recived a tokenChristopherGave this token to Martin for being such a great bonus Dad to my youngest daughter. Thanks 
2017-03-0817794MoorsevilleI gave a tokenMartaSomething so wonderful, it can not be explained in words.I thank my friend for gifting this class to me. It happened at such a perfect time. 
2008-10-131799Jensen BeachI gave a tokenSamanthaI recevied this coin through softball from my Batting coach. I hope to see this coin travel long and far. Maybe it will come back to me one day... 
2018-01-2120689HollywoodI gave a tokenDouglas A GollinI love to and live to pay it forward 
2013-03-119698Fort LauderdaleI gave a tokenJustin CrookI received this at a Guest Event after completing Part 1. It was an awesome gesture. 
2013-01-179023Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2010-07-272499Los AngelesI recived a tokenMichelleI gave a friend a token :) 
2010-01-144705Fort MyersI gave a tokenColin BullaI had the pleasure of meeting Jo for coffee and engaging in great conversation! At some point during our time together sharing stories and ideas, she handed me this coin and said "Thank you for making a difference in my day!" accompanied with a warm and genuine smile! As if my day wasn't amazing already, this put an exclamation point on it! 
2013-05-1610423AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2011-05-295696West palm beachI recived a token 

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