Date Token# City Gave/Recieved Name Story Sponsor Track
2012-06-108554HollywoodI gave a tokenDORIS NUNEZI received this token from Jo Engleson for Christmas in my card which I was so excited to get this as a gift since it is the best gift ever!!! I am so grateful for it!!! 
2013-01-179194Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2019-07-0517809port allenI gave a tokenTessa Collins HollowayI was given this token by a close friend for helping her to start her own business and become her own boss. 
2009-01-253325FrederickI gave a tokenSandi Lee 
2016-09-2217740Lake WorthI gave a tokenChris Austin 
2013-04-288313CorrimalI gave a tokenMignon Lee -WardenI received this token from my beloved friend Toni Armstrong Jnr in the USA who welcomed me into a tribe of independent womyn musicians on the other side of the world that changed my life forever as a young feminist artist and activist. 
2009-02-181281West Palm BeachI gave a tokenLauren RodriguezWell I work at Carvel Ice Cream and one night, we were just about to close and this woman comes in. She was smiling and spoke very friendly, and she casually asked me questions. If this was my first job? Yes it is. How long haveI been working here? (Currently almost 2 years). Then finally, why did I start working since I'm still in High School. I told her the truth, my dad used to have an overnight security job 2 days a week, and I didn't want him doing that anymore. So I figured if I began working, I could use my money and pay for my things. She seemed surprised by how honest and earnest my answer was. Before she left she told me she appreciated my kindness and my service, so she gave me my token. This took place.. less than 6 months ago but I still have failed to pass it on to someone else. 
2012-12-278833Lake WorthI gave a tokenTestTest 
2008-11-112064Boca RatonI gave a tokenNaomiMy mom just gave me a TOFA coin because she loves me and cares about me. I am really thankful for her. 
2011-06-145212LaCrosseI gave a tokenDan Miller 
2013-05-1610797AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2010-03-305134Fort LauderdaleI recived a tokenWini TaylorI was laid off from a career at FedEx a year ago when the economy crashed. I am incredibly grateful to my friends who have helped me through some really dark days. This token I gave to a dear friend who has been there for me by helping me start a new career, giving me a place to stay and an ear to listen to my woes. I am very grateful to have them in my life. So I gave them this token of appreciation to share. 
2012-08-099372Delray BeachI gave a tokenLori Reyes 
2008-11-192548Fort LauderdaleI gave a tokenSarah Weinsteinunconditional love!  
2010-05-115736Boca RatonI gave a tokenBrett 
2013-06-169258Boca RatonI gave a tokenBecca MarcusBarbara made my day and welcomed me a as a mentor to an amazing community. Thank you for making my day special. 
2009-09-283940New York CityI gave a tokenChanning DReceived From PD (LP72) 
2010-03-305000Lake WorthI gave a tokenAveryJo gave me this token because she thinks I am the coolest kid in Lake Worth. She appreciates me and everything I do. 
2014-07-153523LafayetteI gave a tokenBarbara PersonsHello, I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Lafayette, CA! 
2013-06-218234Lake WorthI gave a tokenChrisI have given this token to Buttons, an artist whom I have worked with on the Grey Mockingbird Community Garden Living Wall. She has inspired me with her sense of humour and her relentless search for perfection....thank you 
2008-06-261945Lake WorthI gave a tokenChristineRecieved token on Day 1 of TOFA. 
2013-10-1610407ProvidenceI gave a tokenMichael GirouxUpon completing the Living-Authorship/Living-Partnership trainings, we each received a TOFA coin. From the unexpected corners of reality, did Community Leadership Foundation, and the TOFA coin, enter my life. I leave now to meet with this family again, and I register this token, as it will likely leave my hands on the road... 
2010-11-026883Lake WorthI gave a tokenCorey KubberI received this token from Jo after completing my Gratitude Training Part 1. I am so thankful to Jo for all she has done to start this powerful movement of TOFA and for Gratitude Training. My life has transformed as a result of the training, and I could never express in words how valuable this whole experience has been for me. I also would like to thank my GT coach, Val. She has pushed me through my barriers, given me continued support, and helped me get conscious of what really matters. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you for everything. 
2011-07-127199WPBI recived a token 
2017-04-0718925LoxahatcheeI gave a tokenMaryAnn Rahe 
2011-12-168608JacksonvilleI gave a tokenChris FlanneryI received this token from Jo during my ML  
2011-07-101787Lake WorthI recived a tokenChristine SI am in gratitude to have been in your space and for the contribution you make to having a world Transformed. Thank you for allowing me to join your team here in ABQ. 
2009-10-163930BrooklynI gave a tokenTania AmodioI received my token by Kelly, my coach and very special person who inspired me (and continues to do so) to be my authentic loving self. She has given me not only a token but a new perspective.  
2011-09-067219POMPANO BEACHI recived a tokenLisa Muellerjust by a smile or holding open a door for someone can change there day so be kind to all and you just don't know what is going on with people so a smile can go a long way! 
2011-05-026554NashvilleI gave a tokenJohnBoyI received my token from a fan at a Tim McGraw show 
2013-09-3010130OLDSI gave a tokenDylan Klatt 
2009-06-191756Lake WorthI recived a tokenChristineAudrey is a friend of mine from high school. After school we both went our seperate ways, but a bout 3 years ago we reconnected. Ironically she now lives one hour away from me here in Florida (we are both from New Mexico). I am extremely grateful for her friendship from our past but mostly for the freiendship we are creating now. She really allows me to get away and just be me. What more could a friend ask for, Oh, yeah I could ask for the love that her son shares with me. What an amazing ray of sunshine he is. Thanks Audrey for sharing him with me and for being you!  
2014-03-3112507GilbertI gave a tokenDaxton Andrus 
2018-03-0721376TamaracI gave a tokenJenniMother of two amazing adult children. Committed to the awakening life in the New Earth. 
2011-04-201793lake worthI gave a token 
2020-01-1822544AustinI gave a tokenSandra BravoI am a Licensed Professional Counselor that is thankful to the people in my life that keep me healthy and able to create spaces for others to heal. 
2017-04-0518771NewarkI gave a tokenAlex WangToday I was able to reflect upon the conflict my partner and I had over our restaurant. I realized that it was I who sourced our fight. He is a great person and is one of my greatest teachers. Our differences taught me more and more about myself and i will always be grateful for our friendship and partnership. thank you for making a difference in my life. 
2017-04-1815342Lighthouse PointI gave a tokenChiaraAfter a year of living out of a suitcase I unpacked my bags and started a life in Lighthouse Point, FL. Life seemed perfect. I had a home and a man who loved me and an opportunity to make a difference with people who had started to become friends. I thought it was too good to be true. And it was. Love wasn't enough to withstand the storm and suddenly I was packed and headed home to Los Angeles with my tail between my legs. Home that never felt like home before but without much option was going to be whether I liked it our not. Now, I'm embracing my new life and embraceing home as my home. I'm grateful to all those I met on my travels and I'm even more grateful to the opportunities that have opened to me and the new and wonderful people who I hope will become great friends. 
2011-07-147713Great WakeringI recived a tokenChristine GostlingMary provided a fabulous tea for the Sue Murphy Committee tonight. She works tirelessly for good causes and through this makes others feel good. She has a greats ense of humour which I love and she is a fount of knowledge about many things...thank you for making a diifference to my dayx 
2011-02-167211wpbI recived a tokengerry de boeri gave this token to heather because of her caring about others and her big heart. she has done so many kind acts to me and others. 
2011-02-056753bpynton beachI gave a tokenmarlene hazardpeter and Mark gave me this token Monday Jan. 31,20ll at their Salon, PeterMark in Delray Beach, Fl.. The reader needs to know allittle history as to how I came to be in their salon. Severalyears ago I began losing my hair. The reason ; long term exposure to mold in my home. No. it wasn,t cancer but it was still devasting to wake up in the morning and find two bald spots where my hair use to be the size of tennis balls. Long story short, after doing many things (doctors, steriod shots. natural remediess ) my hair began to grow back , It still fell out in new locations on my head but at least I felt fairly certain that it would grow back.THus my experiencs with hair extensions began. I was very lucky to be able to afford them and they hide my bald spots. II was very grateful to have found a soloution while my own hair grew back. Like any industry, the extension industry had greaat poeple and not so great people.I spent several years navigating the course. I guess I am not avery good navigator.By the time I landed in the Petermark Salon my hair was half a inch in some places less or more in others,I had spent alot of money (which I felt very guilty about) lied to, misled, abused, lost my trust in alot of people who I thought were friends.I am aware that I had only myself to blame and my vanity. I was ashamed so many straving people, homeless people and I worried about my hair. At this point I I was to embarressed to go to a new salon , II WAS ASHAMED Ffor anyone to see me with out my extensions. A good friend finally convince me to go see Peter and Mark. It took several appointments before I actually went. I am humbled by the reception I received. Even though or maybe because of the fact that PeterMark is rated as one of the top 100 Hair Salons in the country. When I looked in shop window everyone looked young,beautiful. hip,,,,,,,,I wanted to run! I have never felt comfortable in beauty salons. It is a very tough business and not the kindest( WHO did your hair! etc.,) And yes I know threr are tons of wonderful people in the industory. Peter and Mark and everyone in their salon were wonderful to me.they embraced me and my hair or lack of it.They took me under their wings. they understood what I had been through,they never judged me. they said we can and will fix your hair. Their goal for me was to have my own hair grow back in healthy. and they meant it I walked out of there with a beautiful head of hair yes it was extensions but it is a gentler orm that didn't damage my own hair and would allow it to grow and be healthy again.I had found a home. I now love going to get my hair done. Everyone there is my cheer leader. They are thrilled to see my hair growing back. The energy in PeterMarks is amazing. Everyone works together, they have a great team of people, from the receptionist to tthe asistant who washes your your hair they are all exceptionally wonderful talented people . That know you by name, make you feel like a VIP at the same t ime make you fell like part of the family Honestly I am so grateful for everything they have not only done for my hair but more important my soul, I should be giving Peter and Mark this medal . With heart felt gratitude I would like to thank everyone at PeterMarks Marlene Hazard (I also spend a fitfh of the money I use to spend on my hair. My husband is very grateful too.) 
2016-03-1716104StuartI gave a tokenErinn gordonI attended gratitude part 1 and my dear friend who introduced me to the family, also gifted me the source movement book and as such, I received a token to gift! 
2018-03-0121209Myrtle BeachI gave a tokenLinda WeingartI received a call from my son Andrew who was enrolled into Gratitude training in early 2017. He believed I could benefit from improving my life by recognizing my 'ways of being' that were not serving and learning to be believe that self acceptance and self love are key to happiness and abundance/that we all are worthy of love. God made us all perfect, whole and complete and we are all 'good enough'! 
2009-08-044687MelbourneI gave a tokenBilliw WhitebearI recieved my to9ken at a Peace gathering in Titusville Florida on Aug. 7th 2009 From a Super Lady thatt I med there 
2008-12-172164Palm SpringsI recived a tokenIsa Muñoz 
2016-08-1517863Boca RatonI gave a tokenKristenI received this token inside my copy of Source Movement by Jo Englesson. 
2010-01-145807Miami BeachI recived a tokenGeoffrey BarisPurchased token to give to people whom I'm grateful to.  
2013-01-179181Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2011-10-126678Albuquerque I gave a tokenRanee Tafoya My token was given to me by Celestina Garcia a very out going young lady. Thank you Celestina I appreciate you! 
2010-06-115375wellingtonI gave a tokensusanna PalomaresSeveral months ago I met a lovely women named Jo Englesson at a home tour in Lake Worth, Florida. In our brief encounter we recognized we had similar missions in life. As the perfect expression of her mission Jo gave me a token. I was touched by her gift to me and by her special way of making a difference in the world. 

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