Date Token# City Gave/Recieved Name Story Sponsor Track
2011-02-096094Riviera BeachI gave a tokenTom SpecialI am a News Photographer at WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida. I shot an interview with Jo Englesson today, who started TOFA. Jo explained to us how this whole thing started and it was very interesting. She handed me and my reporter, Tania Rogers, some tokens at the end of the interview and asked us to pass them on. 
2013-05-2210081greenacresI gave a tokenKelsey 
2012-01-056453CharlotteI gave a tokenMarc HanesHaving what I have! 
2010-05-235832West Palm BeachI gave a tokenzacharyMy Mom gave me this token because I am helpful at home with putting my dishes away and walking the dog and giving him water. 
2013-01-179308Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2009-05-213406Delray BeachI gave a tokenMrs. TylerCongratulations to future caretakers of this token! I received it at the end of the school year from one of my students. We worked very hard to exceed our \"personal best\" scores on tests. My students know that their integrity is the most precious thing they own.  
2009-08-311769Bay Minette I gave a tokenAmanda Wilsonwas @ work on monday aug 31 2009 wated on a young lady had a short talk about her postcards n she left came bk n a few mins later to have me mail the cards n handed me the token it made my day !!!!! :)  
2008-06-261717Lake WorthI gave a tokenChristineRecieved token from Josephine, one of the first tokens directly from the factory. Thank you roomie! 
2013-09-1112141Sherman OaksI gave a tokenLeah G.I was given my Token of Appreciation by my new sister-in-law. After helping plan a beautiful proposal, she gave each of us involved a Token of Appreciation with a beautiful card. I have been carrying it with me every day since, and am about to pass it on! 
2009-02-143053HoustonI gave a tokenAndrea BlackReceived this from a friend in Halcom City, Texas. Thank you Duane for also making a difference in my day.  
2014-03-049242Coral SpringsI gave a tokenMatt A.Just a guy that's glad when somebody is a good person that I have met. 
2011-06-076730New OrleansI gave a tokenhenryCharlotte gave me this token because I changed her day in a good way.  
2013-05-1212212SarasotaI gave a tokenSummer Wade 
2013-05-029164LovelandI gave a tokenD.R. Phillips 
2009-07-013692Playa del CarmenI gave a tokenSharon SedgwickReceived token at a wedding in Cancun 
2013-05-1810521IgnacioI gave a tokenDella RomeroCoin rec'd from Cele of CLF in service to transformation one heart, one soul, at a time! 
2017-04-2419598LivingstonI gave a tokenDarrin ScheragoI received this coin from the most special person I know. She is been a friend for over 30 years and is uniquely special to me. Everything about her makes me smile and just hearing her voice brightens my day. I have always had a special place in my heart for her. That will never change and after receiving this coin from her I know its mutual. 
2013-01-179013Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2009-01-263288Fort Lauderdale I gave a tokenWendell Cato 
2017-02-1412563FremontI gave a tokenNovene 
2009-01-293356FrederickI gave a tokenSandi Lee 
2013-12-1710056Lake WorthI gave a tokenTed BernalI was given this token by Jo Englesson as an expression of gratitude for bring a guest to the Grattitue training guest event. 
2009-02-143053HoustonI gave a tokenAndrea BlackReceived this from a friend in Halcom City, Texas. Thank you Duane for also making a difference in my day.  
2010-08-155960ManalapanI recived a tokenJo EnglessonThis token was handed out to a student of the first Gratitude Training GT 1 - Part 1 on August 15th, 2010. 
2011-05-297935WellingtonI gave a tokenMike MayI received this token during a Gratitude Training reception where recent graduates of Gratitude Training I and II were honored for graduating. 
2011-02-243418GillinghamI gave a tokenRichard GreyI received this token from James Burgess for helping him move to the cohousing community where I, and now we, live. 
2009-01-253277Boca RatonI recived a tokenDavid PersichiniI gave this token to my friend Merricki Reynolds Fillmore to show my deep appreciation for the wonderful friend she has been to me. She is full of understanding, compassion and service to all around her and she conrtibutes much positive energy to this planet. Thank you Merricki 
2018-02-0219475SunriseI gave a tokenCe CeI attended a gratitude training that added value life and this token is just a replica of that. 
2013-01-179144Fort CollinsI gave a tokenThe Group, Inc 
2011-11-286608West Palm BeachI recived a tokenCorey KubberThank you for being so nice at this hectic time of year! And supporting me to make someone's day special. You are much appreciated! 
2013-10-1612355Delray BeachI gave a tokenKyla Rae WalstadSam Rocks My World! 
2013-05-2110148JacksonI gave a tokenBrad A WatsabaughI received this token for finding my true essence . I am a loving, authentic, inspirational leader! I commit to being in my truth in this moment and will continue in every moment... 
2009-08-304070StockholmI gave a tokenRobert AhlĂ©n 
2017-06-2617949StavangerI gave a tokenCristina CarpioI got the token as part of my GT training, I am ML 20 FLL. 
2012-09-108445Lake WorthI gave a tokenDebbie DavisA colleague gave me a token after I helped her on a project! 
2011-03-027252Lighthouse PointI gave a tokenGinaThere are many people that touch our lives, and I was lucky enough to receive this TOFA from a parent of one of my students. Each child is unique, and holds the world in their hands.  
2010-09-206567BRONXI gave a token 
2009-04-092201Delray Beach I gave a tokenKatie Maurer 
2015-03-1713607South Lake TahoeI gave a tokenAislynn Soavesharing the gift of appreciation 
2017-02-1412554FremontI gave a tokenNovene 
2010-08-145526KobeI gave a tokenJill FukaeI received this token from a nice man who helped us at LAX. We have arrived in Japan and I will pass it on to a kind person I come across. 
2011-09-067260POMPANO BEACHI recived a tokenLisa Muellerjust by a smile or holding open a door for someone can change there day so be kind to all and you just don't know what is going on with people so a smile can go a long way! 
2008-11-061376Delray BeachI gave a tokenJacquelineMade a new friend two months ago - and after our very first day of hanging out - just the two of us - she gave me my TOFA token!!!! 
2017-11-3020412MiramarI gave a tokenSuzynReceived token from Holly Berube - Source Movement course 
2011-05-216737Lake WorthI recived a tokenCharlotte BahmHenry is in 1st at the International School of Louisiana and is an excellent writer. Henry made a difference in my life my making me a Story Bird story. 
2017-03-0817794MoorsevilleI gave a tokenMartaSomething so wonderful, it can not be explained in words.I thank my friend for gifting this class to me. It happened at such a perfect time. 
2009-12-113604Sun ValleyI gave a tokenLynda MayerI have recently retired (November 2009) after 35 years in Healthcare. I am enjoying simply allowing the day to unfold and grateful for this time of relaxation and discovery. The best is yet to come. 
2012-06-108554HollywoodI recived a tokenDORIS NUNEZI had the great pleasure to give this token to a wonderful man named Joshua Rivera. I met Joshua in person on March 4, 2012 and he has given me so much love and happiness that I am forever grateful for. I can not begin to express how much he means to me. I love him for who he is and for his unconditional love for me. 
2013-05-1212171SarasotaI gave a tokenSummer Wade 

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