Date Token# City Gave/Recieved Name Story Sponsor Track
2011-07-296451West Palm BeachI gave a tokenJason ColmanI received this token from a peer at work who shared their story of how this process personally touched their life. 
2012-12-278833Lake WorthI gave a tokentesting 
2010-09-136538Fort LauderdaleI recived a tokenEzequiel RothMy Dad Nick has done transformational work in Florida and knows Jo. He bought this token atthe first Gratitude Training for me to share. 
2014-01-084911Toluca LakeI gave a tokenRichardI was given this token on January 1, 2014, by a boat repairman in Marina Del Rey, California. 
2011-07-127375southend on seaI gave a token 
2010-08-285060Los AngelesI gave a tokenNora NordhagenI received this token from Nancy L. from Oregon.  
2016-05-1716554Pompano BeachI gave a tokenBarkha J Herman 
2018-02-0319745RaleighI gave a tokenLoisI am a beautiful, powerful, and loving woman who is committed to creating peace and love in the world. 
2011-01-306753pompano beachI gave a tokenLISA MUELLER 
2013-09-1112141Sherman OaksI gave a tokenLeah G.I was given my Token of Appreciation by my new sister-in-law. After helping plan a beautiful proposal, she gave each of us involved a Token of Appreciation with a beautiful card. I have been carrying it with me every day since, and am about to pass it on! 
2009-06-042130san antonioI recived a tokenfernandez familyThanks for this school year 
2012-11-109377Palm Beach GardensI gave a tokenLISA EVA GOLDI get to be a coach for new Gratitudes beginning their journey into Parts 1-2-3. I am thrilled to inspire others! Life is a beautiful journey. Why not share the happiness of being alive by reminding others that they matter. 
2011-06-017711boca ratonI recived a tokenjessica traviesothis token of appreciation was given to one powerful woman. She turns herself inside out to be in service. She is a force to be reckoned with. She makes a huge difference in this world!!  
2009-08-044687MelbourneI gave a tokenBilliw WhitebearI recieved my to9ken at a Peace gathering in Titusville Florida on Aug. 7th 2009 From a Super Lady thatt I med there 
2010-08-166560Palm SpringsI gave a tokenAhmed ShikelyI enrolled my son to gratitude camp and it did wonders for him. I met Jo Engelsson during the end of camp presentation - amazing lady. The camp counsellors did a phenomenal job with the kids. All in all, it was an eye opening, gratifying and unifying experience for my family & I 
2008-12-162268Coral SpringsI gave a tokenBarry WarrenGot it as a gift from Jo in Fort Lauderdale Florida 
2011-06-017722boca raton I recived a tokenJessica traviesoThis token was given to a wonderful lady who gave of herself for 90 days to have another person win at their life.  
2011-11-287132JacksonvilleI recived a tokenGoodwill NFL 
2017-02-1314204ParklandI gave a tokenAlan KanterI met Vesna Hanhart with her daughter Monja at an Art Opening 10 years ago. Vesna was full of life, bright and had this sexy way about her which today is referred to as Swag.,Little did I know that several years later our paths would cross again, but they did and we became good friends. As it turns out, Vesna is an artist, writer, poet and Tarot Card reader.,Not only did she become my friend but I became one of her collectors. Vesna has brought and continues to bring volumes of Love and Joy into my life. Vesna is a bright light. Our friendship will shine forever. I am glad to gift this Token of Appreciation to Vesna with Love to convey my sentiments as well as a good luck charm that provides her with abundance and prosperity. Thank you Vesna for being my friend. 
2010-01-064899whitestone,New YorkI recived a tokenNoelleI gave my token away today to a new friend, named Jennifer, who I just met approx. 5 months ago. Today is her 16th sober anniversary. I want her to know that she has made a difference in my day. Not only is she beautiful physically, she has a deep rooted beauty that literally fills a room. She is kind, thoughtful, sensitive, healthy, hilarious, silly, ditzy, sexy, smart, cultural, adventurous, playful, empathetic, truthful, engaging and genuine. Also she has managed to raise a beautiful daughter. Now I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people in my life and believe that I am awake now to see and feel these experiences again and Jenn is one of them. I guess what I'm trying to say is she has given me a desire to want more. To be more playful, to laugh the loudest, to ask questions, to cry, to be silly, to be my own unique self and with that I thank you. 
2013-05-1610501AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2013-12-2310082chelmsfordI gave a tokenCassandra MorrisonI was given this token by two ladies who I served at work. Your kindness absolutely made my day and it was a pleasure meeting you! hope to see you again! 
2013-05-029164LovelandI gave a tokenD.R. Phillips 
2010-11-216024S. Palm BeachI gave a tokenMarthaI was given this token by Amy T. in honor of the life of Steve Eschenbach 
2011-09-097048Chelmsford, essexI recived a tokenChrisCath is a good friend,always giving of her time to help others. I always enjoy her company and she is great to be around. I thoroughly appreciate her giving up time o come and see me, thank you Cath........x 
2016-01-2516639tequestaI gave a tokenchristopher taylorSo grateful for liberty. Freedom to succeed or fail. Ability to fail and get back up and try again. 
2017-03-1617658ConcordI gave a tokenTimothy Steavenson 
2012-07-279219West Palm BeachI gave a tokenJoseph MitalyI'm living for right now. The trash has been dumped. It's all good! 
2008-09-082923IndianapolisI gave a tokenJennifer KammanI received my token from my great friend Angie Kiel. Angie is friends with Josephine and received the token after bumping into Josephine (randomly) in Las Vegas.  
2011-07-177375Southend on seaI recived a tokenChris GostlingAnnette and Sheila are two generous, hardworking people who make a difference in the community by creating a caring and welcoming atmosphere in their restaurant. Thank you for all you do...  
2011-02-036100Boynton BeachI gave a tokenMaygenI was given this token by my best friend. She has made and continues to make a difference in my life by being there for me without judgment and understanding me when no one else does. She's such a beautiful, amazing person and deserves so much out of life. I am delighted to know that I make a difference in her life just as she does in mine on a daily basis. 
2009-01-303369Lake Worth I recived a tokenAna RamalhoI gave this Token to Randa because she has been such a wonderful friend. I appreciate how she is always wanting to help and how much she loves my daughter. I hope she know I feel the same way about her and her family! Thanks for making a difference in my daily life!  
2011-06-227370providenceI recived a tokentracey kaneI am giving this token too my doctor, who has healed me pysically, spiritually, and helped me find a path of such joy. My life is so different, and so wonderful, for having her in it. She is truly a light, a healer, a friend. 
2011-03-217200Saratoga SpringsI gave a tokenAnn CarrollReceived token from a coworker. Makes the day brighter. 
2009-09-183488San LeandroI gave a tokenMichelleI got my token for helping to prepare meals for the homeless at the St Ignatius Shelter Meal program in San Francisco. Thanks Charles 
2014-04-1310876los angelesI gave a tokenGaneshI gave a token to an amazing, powerful leader named Amanda; whom I have the honor of mentoring. 
2012-06-154753SimrishamnI gave a tokenMonique BoströmI was given this token by a student of mine named Ilse on her graduation day. She said I've given her energy and motivation and she wanted me to have this token. Thank you Ilse, it means a lot to me!  
2014-12-1410392StockbridgeI gave a tokenSaleemahI took a prenatal yoga training with Jo Engelsson's AMAZING partner/wife Arian. On the last day of the training, Jo and Arian presented all the graduates with their very on TOFA. I was so inspired by them as a couple, their lovely son Sixten, and the entire TOFA movement. Jo is definitely changing the world, and I am blessed to have met her and to have spent such a transformational time with Arian! 
2013-05-1610781AlbuquerqueI gave a tokenCommunity Leadership FoundationCLF celebrates the vision of the TOFA coin and passes on our gratitude to all participants of the May 2013 Living-Partnership Course. May the spirit of appreciation for each other continue to spread.  
2009-01-293356FrederickI gave a tokenSandi Lee 
2010-09-125960Lake WorthI gave a tokenjim garrett 
2011-03-217184RexfordI recived a tokenSusan L. Axelrodfor my dear friend Lela who is a constant source of joy and brightness and love in my life 
2008-08-292934VenturaI recived a tokenAdriane CarrierTo my pals on the RN bargaining team 
2009-01-213369Lake Worth I gave a tokenAna RamalhoJo, it was so great to meet you. What you are doing here is truly amazing. It's the seemingly small gestures that have the greatest impact. Thank you for making a difference in my day.... Thank you for making a difference in the world! 
2011-03-036325HockleyI recived a tokenchris gostlingMark is a fellow teacher and always makes my day feel good. He is always upbeat and ready with a joke or story. Thank you Mark .... 
2015-01-1113798AvonI gave a tokenRoselle Orlando and Ted PopielI gave this token to our dearest Brenda Anderson. She is a special caregiver for my mom, and is an extraordinary woman and angel in our lives! 
2013-06-121327TaipeiI gave a tokenPo-Chen ChenMany years ago, I was one of the staff in a discovery program. The mentor- Kathy Benson gave a token to me after program ended. She honored for the great travel that we had been in the program, and thanked for working together. I viewed it as one of the beautiful things that i have been in my life. And now i a gonna to pass the token to somebody! 
2010-06-025030Lake WorthI gave a tokenZomzi LoveI received this in the Soma Center, Lake Worth Florida by the founders of this site. It was a cool experience and totally unexpected. 
2015-08-1516451SalisburyI gave a tokenLiz LeberThis token was given to me when registering for classes at gratitude training 
2011-11-146464pompano beachI recived a tokenisabel cristina cortewi gave to my sister Doris she help me uncondicinal and trust me  

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